IDI Search Changelog

version 0.4.0

Updated 22 March 2023

  • Adds March 2023 refresh data, plus some more dictionaries
  • Add export functionality (JSON or CSV format) - found under the search bar, far-right
  • On 'linking variables', display the number of links, and move (expanded) information to a tooltip
  • Add search options: exact search to make it easier to find specific variables/terms

version 0.3.0

Updated 19 October 2022

  • Tweaked colours and text on the 'Quick Stats' page
  • Added October 2022 refresh data and removed old adhoc variables
  • merged most duplicate collections
  • reverse 'refresh availability' so newest first
  • use SQL fulltext search for better search results
  • update about and help pages
  • specify 'Data Supply Agency'
  • clicking headings persists the search term
  • add logo/favicon

version 0.2.0

Updated 4 October 2022

  • Added database filtering (to only show variables in a selected database)
  • Added 'Quick Stats' page
  • Added some manual dataset/collection/agency information
  • Migrated to MySQL: case-insensitive database resulting in more accurate matching; the consequence is that all IDs are cooerced to lower-case
  • Use server-side caching and static generation of common pages to speed up initial load times
  • Remove ~6k variables that are not available or useful to researchers
  • Add metadata status indicator dot to collection, dataset, and variable lists

version 0.1.5

Updated 5 August 2022

  • Added several additional data dictinoaries
  • Added two most recent refreshes
  • Refresh now shows month-year (instead of day/month/year)

version 0.1.4

Updated 18 July 2022

  • Fixes a small bug preventing variables matching search term but missing data dictionary information from displaying in search results

version 0.1.3

Updated 4 March 2022

  • Display tables identified (manually) as potentially being the same (across refreshes), for example historic tables or those that have been renamed

version 0.1.2

Updated 22 February 2022

  • Improves display of variables (using pagination)
  • Sorts all lists alphabetically
  • Adds all variables in the IDI (including many that are missing from available data dictionaries)

version 0.1.1

Updated 25 January 2022

Minor patch to fix handling of variables and datasets without collections, in preparation for including all variables in the IDI, and not just those we have extracted from data dictionaries. These variables are missing descriptions and collection information, so are of limited use at this stage but will be updated as we can add more dictionaries.

version 0.1.0 (beta release)

Released 7 December 2021

Initial release of IDI Search - beta developmental build.

Highlighted features for this release are:

  • information about a subset of agencies, collections, datasets, and variables where we have received the necessary data dictionaries
  • listing of collections belonging to an agency; datasets in a collection; variables in a dataset
  • for datasets, a list of ‘Linking’ variables is also displayed (either agency or IDI linking variables)
  • search bar to search all fields to filter the master list of agencies/collections/datasets/variables, with the search term highlighted in descriptions
  • display of refresh availability to see which IDI refreshes a variable is available in (this does not apply to Adhoc tables)