About IDI Search

IDI Search is a web app that uses data from IDI Data Dictionaries shared to us by Stats NZ. The data is stored in a database, which can then be searched using the web app. The goal of this app is to allow researchers to discover what data is available to use in research projects.

IDI Search has been developed by Te Rourou Tātaritanga, funded by MBIE Endevaour Grant (ref 62506 ENDRP).

IDI: Integrated Data Infrastructure

The IDI is New Zealand's Integrated Data Infrastructure, provided by Statistics NZ. It houses data from government and non-government sources. More information can be obtained from https://www.stats.govt.nz/integrated-data/integrated-data-infrastructure/.

Feedback and Collaboration

This app is still under development, and as such we are looking for feedback from (potential) users. This may be letting us know what works and what doesn't, or contributing ideas to make the app more useful.

We are also open to collboration, so if you or your team would like to contribute to IDI Search in some way, please get in touch with Tom, Barry, or Eileen.

Planned Features

The following additional features are planned for future development:

  • display links to other names of variables or datasets, so researchers can update code for new refreshes
  • allow for multiple search terms (AND, OR, etc.)
  • include variables with missing data dictionaries: these variables will not have descriptions and other such information, but will otherwise show up where expected (but with limited search capacity)
  • continue adding more data dictionaries
  • add facilities for users to register and provide comments on agencies/collections/datasets/variables